"I'm Not Hurt"

Gutter Religious Productions

When I said I love you,It's because I really do.
I gladly gave my all to you
My body, my heart, my mind and soul,
To be one with you.
So that any and everything we'd do,
We'd be the heart that beats for two.
I never really wanted anything else but you.
Like the many ways one must never love, what mine was, to you.
To become a better person, being happy, had been why I
chose you,
To be whole and complete, sharing in everything we'd do.
Yes, I'd admit you stole my heart,Though now I nurse it broken, when we part.
Quite interesting how we drifted together apart,
How your words lose the magic they had, unlike from the
Remembering this, I'm often left, torn apart,
I'd cry the Nile, feeling the blind baby's arrow, pulled,
right from my heart,
To the point I couldn't even feel my heart.
There were times, O such soulful moments we had,
But now two separate souls, differing courses to chart,
Unbelievable, how love to hatred now we'd turned out,
But, I'm not in doubt, though with your love, I'm left without.

I'm supposed to be in painLike, now that I'm saying this, wishing my sun shines through the rain
Reminiscing the times, over and again
Almost completely driving myself insane
Had I succeeded, it'd all be in vain
Vain because you taught me a lifetime lesson, not pain
Killing myself wouldn't bring us back together, ever again
Finally, the blindfold of love off, my mind back in its old frame
All my weaknesses now into strength, kicking me back to sane
We had the strongest of bonds, but why it fails, tells
why even the moon must wane

I'll always love youNot to be with you
But just so I can always pray for you
Thanking the heavens for lessons taught by you
But, learn to love truly, cherish and value a heart that, with no condition, loves you
Giving you my heart, I lost nothing, even having it shattered, broken by you
I gave it out wholeheartedly, without expecting it back from you
It was meant to be with you,
To be all yours, guiding you, comforting you and
strengthening your weaknesses,
This is why I'm never mad at you,
Simply because, I'm never hurt by you.

© Mr One ZED
Copyright September 14, 2018

To Be

Gutter Religious Productions
To be,
Wherever I am
Whether sitting or I stand
I almost always feel I was gonna fall
But when I finally over-stand
That, it is the continual feeling of being small
I took a firm stand, as and when I stand

And I am not going to step on anyone
To become tall
Because when that person no longer exists
I could really fall
And for me, that will be all
The scope, I'd work with, is,
That everybody wants to be somebody
All role models chosen
I can not, and never be
Just anybody
So I chose nobody.
I'm talking about, being my own personal person
These secrets are, before your very eyes, hidden

This was how I became
Who I am
To be:
I said poetry
I need you to be,
The girl I marry;

The happiest man I can ever be
Is who you'd make me;
So the world can see
How sickening, with the words, I can be.
Mr One ZED
© Copyright September 2018
All Rights Reserved.



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