Unconditional Love is "Healing-The-World" Medicine.

When Michael "The Dancing" Jackson, of blessed memory, sang Healing The World, it moved the earth to a corner of everyone hoping for better days, even moving forward into the unforeseeable future. The campaign quickly dropped and was left to rot in the headquarters of dumpsters soon after his demise, and we still sit back, looking at the terrible shape and state the world has been in for the past decades, and wonder when all shall be well.

Many have given up hopes, and those still strung up the most on uncertainty, ran into switching religious denominations for their own safety and protection, for fear of being left alone should this present state of the world truly be the beginning of the end. I'm afraid it's the holocaust!

Indeed the ignorance we exhibit as people, despite claiming otherwise, with vain knowledge and purported wisdom, it is sad how are bent on destroying this world, which is gradually dying to support our sustenance. The greed to acquire as much possessions and wealth as we can for ourselves at the expense of the very life we have limited time span to live, is grossing to a point of incurable epidemic, which will soon spell our own doom, before the rapture, if and when it is actually going to happen.

Little things do matter in life. A lot! When we give or show love, care, concern, affection, acceptance, to those who do not look exactly, or even nearly the same, like ourselves, the grand machinery to churn a sustainable life, back into the world, begins. Often, it all comes down to money as and whenever the subject of 'making the world a better place for all' comes up for discussion, with little or no regards to the fact that people may have price tag on themselves but certain things, the minutest of them all, are priceless, something even quadrillions of money cannot afford.

Majority of the human race may have switched to the culture of getting married for money and fame, but just like lust is activated a decoy to love, most of such unions never lived to see the last rays of the setting sun, on the very days of solemnization. Anything real rarely ever fades. The emotional activation of insanity, where personal feelings are hardly ever explained, a phenomenon we ignorantly refer to as love, with so much pride, was never created. It just happened and the least chance we give it to breath free within us, the best our chances of living to see a peaceful demise of our own. The hypocrisy is just too much and it is no longer pretty to see what monsters we have made ourselves towards one another.

Marriage is a setup to breed and groom family, an institution capable of transforming clueless amateurs into respectable individuals, a successful training of which qualifies a person the title of a parent, mother and father, in a given society. Being married may have been misconstrued to be one-sided, but all, and any, misunderstanding was, and still is, to protect the moral decency it ensures between the couples.

This is very vital because couples now have the go-ahead to breed responsible offspring, the right upbringing of which has the probability to make or break the very society that grants this title in the first place. This is why giving birth is not enough to what qualifies an individual the title of a parent. Undertaking the burden of the responsibilities of ensuring that children do not end up liabilities is.

When in love, we give any and everything for the "Love" that we do not see. We only alert our senses, the mental readiness, that we do "love" this or that person, and that they love us much the same or more, without any physical characteristics to point this assurance to; but just a state of assumption for self-comfort.

But why is it nearly IMPOSSIBLE for us all to TRUST people, especially those with whom we share intimacy? Just like love, there are no pointers to when to actually "trust" people or not, but why do we always give conditions, the satisfaction of which, we only accept to trust back?

If I ask you to trust me, there is no way you can guarantee 100% that I am worthy of the same trust, just like when someone tells you they love you and can't really demonstrate to your satisfaction that they truly do...and why does anybody have to give reasons for loving someone, by the way? If we have to give reasons, demonstrations and explanations for loving one another, how does that explain love as unconditional?

Expression of love and trust becomes artificial the moment you expect reasons why a partner says or feels they love you and asks that you trust them. The minute you expect reasons, demonstrations and proves of love verbally expressed, the person, in desperate need to have you convinced, would resort to giving you a "make-believe", which is how destruction of your relationship empire begins at the very foundations.

On the flip, those who just say the words and have no idea what it actually entails, should just shut their boreholes, and let us hear something nice from afar. I think the least we start trusting ourselves that we can love and trust freely, without really expecting anything in return, on our own terms of engagement, the better off it shall be for all our human relationships out there.

The quintessence of this is not limited to just our domestic relationships and commitments, but, to a greater expanse, it has the autonomous power to healing the world of the hate, jealousy and envy that are grossing to our annihilation, soon if care is not taken.

Life operates on the principle of "garbage in garbage out", in that whatever you put into the world would gather momentum when returning to you, which how we feel the pain when it hits the hardest. We often play the victims to the cruelty of others, when we are genuinely nice to some people, only for them to disappoint us in the last minute. We snooze into depression and go hidden and lost to ourselves when we should be doing a thorough check of the things we must have done to others in the distant or the immediate past.

If you sow love and affection, understanding and wholeheartedness, into the world, no matter how ill people may treat you, you tend to enjoy much more love, respect and acceptance even to a total dismay of those who physically hurt you.

Some things are painfully hard to explain but not impossible when we let ourselves go, and allow nature to man-handle those who do not really appreciate the fact that we are also included in the number of those who deserve to breath the free gift of nature, something no one man can claim ownership of.

On the whole, all I truly mean to say with this post is to encourage each one of us, to put more love, affection, compassion, acceptance of one another without conditions, because the phenomena responsible for our very existence has the final and autonomous say about the way we live our lives here, for the duration until the hearse come out.


Voicemail To Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, The President of The Republic of Ghana.

​​Your Excellency,

I'm sorry you MUST listen to this one, for it is the shallowest that would take none of your limited time.
Anything meant to be "FREE" MUST never have a condition, lest it's never FREE at all.
Every Ghanaian, politicians especially, knows there is never a thing like FREE LUNCH but we sit down, write long speeches with various degrees of grammatical "Ini-Edos" (innuendos), call press conferences and confuse the already hyper-frustrated Ghanaian the more, giving hopes, by covering up government misplaced priorities, with the average Ghanaian being the objects of gamble.

We must never lose sight of the fact that, whatever goes up must come down, which should be the hallmark of our willingness to be true patriots at all cost, whether or not it spells our chances of losing our political prestige. The 'choice' to not do what is "right" by the masses, sets us up for gross failure, as regards selflessness, which is core of the many essential qualities of true leadership.

I have a strong faith in the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to be the man to close chapter on all books, with records, of "your government did that, my government does this" feats, which is obviously the major accomplishments of the Ghanaian democratic practices, sixty years on, after independence.

It is, without a doubt, very much appalling, how decisions regarding the Ghanaian setup, moving forward into a possible hope-laden future, are made without regards to "What Ghana Needs", as all major policies of this government, so far, have all been about what someone "Feels" or "Thinks" will work for the country, simply because such policies have success stories in some other countries.

Those of us who never even had the chance to study Computer Science in prestigious educational institutions, would conclude, without much of an argument, that this practice of "Copy and Paste" of policies, by people we put faith in and entrust with the power to make positive change be felt in this country, by all, is truly an undefined 'machine language', as it is often called by the IT experts. Such things often output what any computer will print as "ERRORS".

I do not have the luxury to speak for all Ghanaians out there but I would love it, so very much, if, one day, government decides to get down from its high horses and take a walk with the Ghanaian elephants from the streets. The best ideas, to pull Ghana out of this socio-economic quicksand, are out there on the streets, and the earlier someone starts wearing shoes that are ONLY fit for the Ghanaian soil structure, the better the hopes of taking strides that would be firm and giant enough, to catapult, even the most minutest of Ghanaian efforts, into the future, ahead of our time.

May God bless our homeland Ghana and make us bold, confident and strong, when even the shortest gentleman takes a bold giant step into the future of Ghanaians, which shall be the only act worthy of patriotic fellowship.


(Mr One ZED)